Babylon react native geospatial anchors, is that possible?

Hey there.

The company I’m working with is doing a rebuild from native to react native.

One of the features we need to bring in is using geospatial anchors to precisely locate 3d assets on a global scale leveraging surface recognition for great accuracy.

This feature was done using Azure Spatial Anchors overview - Azure Spatial Anchors | Microsoft Docs

Now we’re dealing with deciding how to get that feature in the new app.
And I can’t find any solution out there.

I’ve been playing around with react native babylon the last couple weeks and this happens to be the last piece of the puzzle.

So I’m coming here for advice

The options we have on the table are to build the feature without any of these apis and hope for the best, try to wrap arcore/arkit and leveraging things like Âncoras geoespaciais  |  ARCore  |  Google Developers. And the third option would be to try taking one of the projects that are already out there like babylon react native or react native viro and add these capabilities.

So here’re my questions

  1. are you aware of an existing solution that would satisfy this need?
  2. would it be possible to take babylon react native there? (I see there’s some usage of arkit and arcore but can’t really tell if it would be possible and if so what that are the biggest challenges…)
  3. Is there any reason why you would think doing these wrappers is a bad idea?
  4. what would you do?

I’m not aware of existing solution here. Maybe @bghgary @ryantrem @AlexTran ?

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any active discussions about this recently. We have talked about this before, but it didn’t go far.

It should be possible to add this to Babylon Native first and then bring it into Babylon React Native, but I’m not sure how much work it is.

I’m not the expert on this, so perhaps others have more insight.