Babylon augmented reality for ARCore/ARKit on Android/iOS?

Hi everyone!

In the past I’ve done some quick glb PBR exports and ran them as AR on Android ans iOS.

But ARCore and ARKit use different render engines from Babylon.js.

Is it all possible to use the Babylon.js engine for AR exports, and what would be the easiest/fastest route?

Thank you for your feedback!


Did you check BabylonNative? I guess it could be what you need
Babylon Native: cross-platform native apps with the power of Babylon.js

Thank you Deltakosh!

It looks amazing but I understand it’s still under heavy development…

Adding @bghgary

It is fully functional already so feel free to start using it :smiley:

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We are still developing and some contracts are not solid yet, but it should be fairly stable to try out.

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