Hi, I am trying to use sandbox in a div(host element) as described on github repository. But, It’s giving me error that there is no Sandbox class in babylon.
I’m using @babylonjs/core and other ES6 npm packages
Is there any way to include/use sandbox in my html page?

The sandbox site itself is doing:

<div id="host-element"></div>
var hostElement = document.getElementById("host-element");


So it should work. Note that you have to use the sandbox package (@babylonjs/sandbox NPM |

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I had tried with “npm install @babylonjs/sandbox” but it’s not finding any package related to this. Did you tried this package (@babylonjs/sandbox NPM | because it’s not working

Sorry, I’m not knowledgeable on npm.

Adding @sebavan who will know what’s going on.

The sandbox, and playground are both apps we are not publishing to npm.

You can nevertheless build it from the repo and use at will in your own app.