Mesh size / scene size limits?

I am thinking about using babylon.js as replacement for 3d.pdf distribution, but I am a little concerned of the data size. My models will usually be post-processed in 3dsMax, but even then the meshes will have >10 Mio faces. As far as I understood is, that babylon is using JSON and not a binary format like FBX. But such a JSON file will then have sizes beyond 1GB. I wonder if babylon.js is even able to handle such huge scenes - are there any benchmarks available?

10 Millions is acceptable with a lot of optimizations :slight_smile: (like instances, freezing the world matrices, etc… More here: Optimize your scene - Babylon.js Documentation

Regarding downloading size, I recommend using GLB file with Draco compression Khronos Announces glTF Geometry Compression Extension Using Google Draco Technology - The Khronos Group Inc

Freezing matrices is not an option, as these meshes are animated. Also there are no instances at all.
Sounds like I should look for another solution.
I already tested Unity, it does not have problems with mesh sizes, but the FBX animation workflow is not always working smoothly.

While the freezing of matrices is a good optimization, is only of benefit when there are many meshes. There is only one matrix per mesh no matter how many verts there are.

You still still try and see how it behaves. It really depends on your scene setup
Just export a glb of your scene and drop it there:

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