Babylonjs Big Scene GPU support

Hello to everyone.

I have a big scene. There’s a lot of complex objects inside. This scene was very tired of the processor. I added the inspector to the scene to see what was going on. And I saw the GPU not being used. Our GPU support will be available with the next update I think in April. Am I wrong? If I have GPU support, how can I activate it?

Here is the inspector screenshot:

You are already using the GPU for sure :slight_smile:
You can check which one in the stats tab

You do not have a lot of vertices but you may have a lot of meshes which can be expensive on the CPU

Here is a good read about perf: Optimize your scene - Babylon.js Documentation

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This is very good.

But I have a question. If you look at the screenshot I shared above, all of the GPU Frame Times are zero. If a video card is used, why these values didn’t ​​change? Forgive me if I think wrong. I just want to learn :sweat_smile:

They all are about specific part of the code so I guess you are not relying on them like not using sprites, particles or render targets in your scene.

The GPU frame measurement was disabled by Chrome recently due to a bug on their end :slight_smile: