BabylonJS editor does not load, no errors reported

I’m new to babylon, and I downloaded the editor at Babylon.JS Editor ( and it simply doesn’t load. It’s not giving an error report and I don’t know how to debug the issue. It’s been stuck on the following screen for about 45 minutes, and the application does not respond to the window close button and needs to be terminated from task manager to close it. Is there a way to figure out what’s going on? Platform is Windows 11. Thanks!

ping @julien-moreau

It has been a while we last saw @julien-moreau here :frowning: Hope you are all good my friend ?

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it still doesn’t load, sadly

Looks like the project seems to be abandoned. It’s been 9 months since there has been any movement on the depot.

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thats unfortunate! it looks like a very helpful tool.

Hey @helixnebula !

I’m sad that the editor is stuck on this screen. As you are on Windows, can you type CTRL+ALT+i and share the errors you have?

Thanks for your help

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