Babylon.js Editor stuck on "Loading Editor" in MacOS

Hi, I just installed the Editor on my MacBook and when I open the applicaiton is just stuck on a “Loading Editor…” screen.

It did work on my Windows PC though but I need to use it on a MacBook.

Adding @julien-moreau the daddy of the editor who is single handedly taking care of this project.

Actually I figured out the problem, for those of you having the same issue:

The provided download from the Editor website MacBook arm64 did not work for me.

In this case I had to compile it, now it’s working on my m2.

Wow, thanks for reporting that @ckoryom ! And hopefully you had XCode installed!

I downloaded the version 4.6.0 from the website and tried on Macbook M1 Max. This worked for me and my colleague that means we have an issue for M2 chipsets.

As I don’t have any M2 at the moment, is that possible next time you are stuck on this loading message, that you try CMD+Alt+i? This opens the development tools and would be awesome to get some logs you can have in the console.

As you are stuck I think you should have at leats one error in the console. If the console shows no error, you can hit CMD+r having the development tools focused so it’ll reload the editor view and you’ll get ALL warnings and errors.

Thanks a lot! I’m doing my best to find a M2 and try myself