BabylonJS Groups and babylon/gltf/gltb exporter?

If for example I build 3 groups (each group will have several meshes grouped into group) in blender and than create scene from those groups as final scene.

Do any blender exporter support exporting groups from blender to any format (.blender,gltf, glbe or any other exported format …)?

Is it possible to export this scene built with groups into .blender .gltf or .glb export file ?

If for example we build 3.(third) group as simple animated group. And than add this 3.(third animated) group two times in final scene two diffrenet location.

Can we export final scene built with groups in blender to .blender .gltf or glb format.
So that this final exported format will include scene and two different animated groups(of meshes) ?

Is there any EXAMPLE_HOW_TO_DO as #1 approach how to build complete scene in blender
export complete scene (any format) and import in bayblonjs code ?

Or BabylonJS have any scene builder how to build/combined/prefab complete scene from more exported files (.babylonjs gltf glb…) ?

Is there any example/documentation/proposal/suggestions how to do that with BaybylonJS?

I am asking something on this topic:

Example of .blender file
Some showcase .blender file

(you can see in
Layer 1 (CrossGroup) and layer 2 (ElivatorGroup)
Layer 10 - as final scene build with groups form Layer1 and Layer2
If you press play in Layer 10 you can see tow diffreent elevator (auto simple animation)
So can we somehow export as Layer 10 is into .babylon .glt or gltf or any other export format …
And import this scene in BabylonJS code … ?


As I can see BabylonJS Editor in one possible way.

This is probably the best option. Furthermore @julien-moreau is a fantastic developer always happy to help

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Hi @Ian_Sheehan.
I can only to confirm that this should work even outside of babylonJs Editor.
Let me tell you what I did, I think is something similar to what do you want.

  1. Import multiple gltf files in one scene (without animations - skinning)
  2. Do some changes on them, at transform level, maybe some changes on materials and add simple animations again at transform level, maybe some rotations, parent, unparent, group.
  3. Export as single gltf, store it on the server so later you can get it with link
  4. Get multiple gltf files from point 3 in a different scene.
  5. And at the very end export if you want this scene again.

In this small page is all you need :wink:
If you are facing any issues we are here!

Hey @Ian_Sheehan,
Any news about your project? :slight_smile:
Don’t hesitate to consult the editor documentation here for more informations: Babylon.js Documentation

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If I think right, maybe building groups in Blender is as building prefab in unity? Do you support building prefab in Blender Editor Tool? Can we build scripts on game objects in BabylonJS Editor?