Abourt Unity and ProBuilder (Export from ProBuilder for Importing in BabylonJS)?

Hi, all.
I am just curious if there could/should be any way to export Scene/Level built with Unity ProBuilder.
ProBuilder is very good way to build Scene/Levels it offer building and attach scripts to assets.

And maybe idea(s) for those how already know/implemnt exporters/importers from Unity to BabylonJS.

Do any BabylonJS exporters offer this way?
What I would like to see is, if we could build level/scene with scripts functions/methods without implementation and implement it latter in BabylonJS after importing exported scene/levels from Unity Probuilder ?

(about Probuilder ProBuilder)


Yes… I use ProBuilder all the time. In both version… Technically its all in the Material Export for things like ProBuilder… Geometry is geometry… HOWEVER you get it in the scene… 3RD party unity tools included

And Yes… You can prepare content in the toolkit (including script components) and use later in ANY type of project Babylon.JS project (Must include babylon.manager.js on you host page to parse the unity metadata)

Here is an example show a complete Race Track Level… A Drivable Mustang asset complete with StandardCarController script component that we get a reference to and drive the car using regular ole typescript/javascript in the Babylon Playground Environment:


Can you demonstrate just simple example on youtube. How you build simple scene with one script (empty implementation) and how you export it and import this in BabylonJS?
(Just simple prototype and workflow bult, attach script, export from unity, import in BabylonJS.


Did you check out the Getting Started video ?

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I will definitely try this.

Awesome video.