Babylonjs-materials CustomMaterial documentation is missing. Is it still supported? Alternatives?

I have found and am using CustomMaterial from the babylonjs-materials library due to it being used in some playgrounds that I used as an example. I didn’t realize it’s not a mainline material. anyway, the repo says the documentation should be in the community extensions part of babylonjs’ website. However there is no documentation or any reference to the materials library.

In a different section there is reference to an asset library that contains example shaders but no documentation on the CustomMaterial.

Is CustomMaterial still supported? Is this now legacy and deprecated/abandoned? What should we use going forward? What will be supported in 5.0 and onward?


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its here, last commit 4 days ago. its also under @babylonjs/materials on npm btw
.Babylon.js/customMaterial.ts at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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Custom Materials is a contribution from @nasimiasl and @MackeyK24 is using it in his unity exporter if I recall correctly :slight_smile:

you could also rely on Customizing Materials: The Community Ninja Tale | by Babylon.js | Jan, 2022 | Medium our new material extensibility system.



at first i wanna say custom material be created for remove standard material limitation.
so it is not the alternative way for the shader material that is just for customization some papular material for easy use you can see the custom part in the CustomMaterial Samples

so if you wanna use the easy way that can be exist in any new standard system and we try support that

also we have NodeMaterial as good tools for making shader

at least the shader material is always the G(old) way can handle any advance system

** if you wanna use the shadow and lighting of Babylon system the best option is using standard material and you can append any kind customization with custom material on that when you need .

also i have shaderBuilder the different looking for the material system


Hi there! Our Node Material Editor The Node Material Editor | Babylon.js Documentation is also a pretty fun way to build your own materials :smiley:

Hello @arbraini just checking in, was your question answered? :slight_smile: