Babylonjs Script Question Please

Hi guys I just signed up and have a question regarding the script on main website.

Is that script for sale ? We thinking about launching 3D avatar maker where members can generate 3D avatars on our website.

If this script is not for sake could someone please direct me where I could purchase script where members can create avatars based on design we have set as default?

Only things they can change is eyes, mouths, face expression, what they wearing what they holding and so on.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you

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@LisaUK hi, it’s never a good idea to buy scripts, it usually doesn’t meet all our needs, and we often don’t know the technologies that were used in them, so if a problem occurs, you won’t know how
do to fix it, causing much bigger problems, the best option in this case is to look for professionals to do this.

Hi @LisaUK and welcome to the forum. Things tend to be slow at the weekend. Could you please be clearer about the script your are referring too?

Hi John

I like what you have here on main page where you can move 3D objects around.

I want to make website for people to generate 3D avatar similar to this

Baisicly there will be 1 design of 3D Model character and there will be different options available for member to select example

Change hair style, colours, change face expressions by replacing mouth with another mouth changing eyes snd so on.

I Mainly do GFX design my BF does coding but he said its much easy to find base code online and modify it to our needs. So far only thing I did find what we looking for is this

But that site is Social Network ( great site by the way ) and as you can imagine they don’t like to share this info based on security.

Above link is what we looking for but more 3D similar to image I attached.

Hope this helps?

Thank you

Could you share the exact link ?

Babylon.js does not sell anything, we open source it all :slight_smile: but a lot of experiences we showcase on the websites are externally built and owned so depending on which experience it is, you could try to contact them.

Hi Sebavan

Here is the link

Thank you

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Since the example you list has nothing to do with an avatar, are you actually asking if you can use the babylon.js engine as a basis for your project. If so its licence allows you to use it quite freely.

Learn how to use it at

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Hi John

Can I please ask. Link I posted for your script does it have options to build anything or is it purley for displaying 3D items?

Can I also ask where is the download link please ?
Finally do I need spesific server to run it?
I have 2 servers 1 is VPS the other Cpanel do I need to i stall any special extension?

Thank you

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I would advise you to look deeper into our getting started guide:

Everything is in there. You can consume babylon from either our CDNs or NPM, the license being Apache2 you can do whatever you want with it even if we like when users come back to the forum to showcase their work, there is nothing mandatory.

All the tutos in the doc and the forum can help you find solutions to many problems you could have.

As long as you have an http/https server you are good to go. VPS is ok but you ll need to deal with your own web hosting while cPanel should already be a hosting solution IIRC.


First of all it is not my script and while you can download from the playground building your own project is more complicated than that.

IMHO I think you need to understand more about Babylon.js and how you can use it before you proceed any further.

Useful starting points.

This community is very welcoming and you and your coding BF can make rapid progress