Babylonjs ServerSide, NullEngine, Express.js

Hey guys.

I am working on the app, and I am creating node server for it. I am not very experienced in server-side coding, so I am not sure what is the smartest approach to this.

Basically my goal is this. I have a lot of calculations on my front-side which I would like transfer to server.

Let’s say I load a model and I want to use mesh.getBoundingInfo(), and send that data to the the server, where I will do some calculations, create new BoundingInfo and return it to the client.

Is this viable? And do I gain any performance improvement by calculating this on server. (let’s say that I will have like 3-4 requests to the server during this process).


Hello! It clearly depend on what you want to compute :wink:

But technically, yeah this is totally viable

We even have a boiler plate: GitHub - creationspirit/multiplayer-browser-game-boilerplate: Starter project for a realtime multiplayer 3D game in a browser environment