Babylonjs to desktop?

Hello, it is possible to make babylon js game project a desktop aplication?, or can workflow with electron js or any framework like electron js to compile to desktop like a normal game.

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Yes it is! I have compiled a couple Babylon applications with electron on both my windows PC and my Linux PC with no problems whatsoever. The load times are lightning fast even with huge filesizes because it’s basically just a local chromium web server under the hood and everything. I highly recommend it!

I also believe someone else here has sold a Babylon game on Steam as an electron app as well.

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Can i found a tutorial? because i don’t know how to workflow in electron. I think the source of project babylon just paste in electron and after compile from electron to exe, or it’s other method?

You’re not too far off, you just have to set up your Babylon HTDOCs like you would an apache server or anything else. The easiest way in my opinion is electron builder, so I recommend looking up that.


Ahhh right the html5 forums! I was wondering why I couldn’t find it on here :joy:

Thank you!

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