Is it even remotely possible to create .apk build with another tech like react native or something? Asking because there is no way to launch editor in browser as of now (according to github issues)

Hi! As of now desktop platforms already has numerous game engine editors. Babylonjs is one of them. But Bablyonjs editor also written in one of the most ported everywhere languages - JS/TS. I was surprised to see that the only platforms where editor works - desktop ones.

In my opinion Babylonjs editor can be THE game engine editor mobile platforms lack. iPads, android tablets (huawei, xiaomi, samsung, etc). We already have Visual Studio Code available for deployment via docker on some remote server, so people can code on their mobile platforms easily. But yet to come - working game engine editor (ipados has codea, but well, it’s lua and it’s tightly coupled with ios).

Is there any way Babylonjs editor can be ported to some other (except electron) wrapper so it can be built as android application?

Of course there is still way with termux, proot and vnc ubuntu, but comparing to running in browser as javascript project - vnc in proot-distro will have like 1-2 fps (and browser will have 30+ fps)

Thanks in advance!

pinging the editor’s creator, @julien-moreau

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