Babylonjs Viewer | wait for a complete scene object

I use the Babylonjs Viewer. As mentioned in the docs, I try to access the scene instance so I can bind data to the meshes. But every one of the 3 observables doesn’t return a complete scene. The method I need is getMeshByID but they appear to be added later during runtime.

Whats the proper way of waiting for a complete scene?


Hello and welcome!

I believe this section may help - Babylon.js Viewer - Advanced usage | Babylon.js Documentation

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I was actually talking about the onSceneInitObservable , onEngineInitObservable and onModelLoadedObservable that are mentioned in this article.

For example, onSceneInitObservable yields in a scene object like this:
It is not instanceof of BABYLON.Scene.

I somehow need to “wait” for a complete scene object.

This does look like a scene object TBH. Why are you testing instanceof? and what is it missing?