BabylonJS vs. ThreeJS performance comparison

Is there any up-to-date performance comparison data for babylonjs vs threejs?

The test data below shows that babylonjs 5.0 is much slower than threejs, and there is no latest test data

Three.js vs Babylon.js vs Orillusion - Box 渲染测试

can you share the basic comparison? or the tests that have been conducted?

I haven’t tested the comparison yet, I’m looking for a test comparison

The best answer - at Three.js forum: Main reasons for performance differences between WebGL frameworks. - Questions - three.js forum
I think it’s fair to say that three.js and babylon.js are both full-featured WebGL frameworks, and neither is going to impose an upper ceiling on the performance of your project.
Meanwhile I believe Babylon.js has much better support for WebGPU.

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As stated in the doc in Babylon we prioritize by default ease of use but some tweaking can help recovering a lot of perfs

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