BabylonJS + WPF3D

Hi all,
I wrote to the .NET Core WPF github repo to ask for some improvements to WPF3D because I really like the simplicity of XAMl to describe and interact with a 3D scene, but I know that WPF3D is a simplified 3D engine at its core.

They answered me that they are open to suggestions, and since I know that the BabylonJS team is a Microsoft team, I wonder if the BabylonJS and the WPF3D team could cooperate to have WPF3D use the BabylonJS engine ported to C# and have the simplicity of XAML.

I don’t know if this is similar to BabylonNative, but I don;t think BabylonNative can use XAML 3D objects to describe a 3D scene.

However, here is the link to the github issue: WPF3D improvements. · Issue #2063 · dotnet/wpf · GitHub

Feel free to write your thoughts and thanks in advance,

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@Deltakosh can help you with this. He is the lead developer.

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Hello we did connect in the past with the Xaml3D team but they were not interested to run a JS engine inside their native code :slight_smile:


When webgpu comes out will they be more willing? If our js lib is more dynamic and perfomant then why wouldn’t they be interested in doing a wrapper for it? @Deltakosh

Is it because it’s single thread?

I guess it’s not feasible to Port it to C#, correct?

Is what I could find on it.

Technically it is but it has to be automatic because else the maintenance would be a nightmare

And in any case it would have to be integrated into WPF3D by the WPF .NET Core team, correct?