Babylonjs-like libraries in c#

Hey how is everything! I have a question and I decide to ask for help in the best community in the world! I would like to know if there is any library similar to Babylonjs for C #, I already know Unity3d but I want a library that gives me the resources in a similar way to Babylonjs, thanks to anyone who can help!

There is mid-level 3d rendering solution at
And high-level 3D class library - GitHub - Blotch3D/Blotch3D: A high-level 3D class library that gives you real-time 3D graphics with just a few lines of C# code. Supports multiple platforms. Implemented as a .NET Standard library that works with .NET 5, .NET Framework, .NET Core 3.x. See 'Quick start for Windows' to get started. Also available as a NuGet package without the examples or source.


@Labris thank you very much, exactly what i was looking for thank you!

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I used to use UrhoSharp which is a c# binding of Urho3D. I thought it was very good. The thing is its not maintained anymore. GitHub - xamarin/urho: Code to integrate with the Urho3D engine