BabylonJS x Storybook x SYNTHAX

Hi - just a little update on SYNTHAX if anyone fancies :slight_smile: I started using Storybook as the main development tool and I think it’s pretty interesting and super fun so I made a really short article and made the Storybook public (so you can now actually try & play SYNTHAX in one form or another).


Article: Storybook As A Game Development Tool (With Demo) - DEV Community




This is an amazing use of Storybook, Congrats !!!

cc @PirateJC

Today keeps delivering :slight_smile:


Yeah! This is harvest season :smiley:

Yes! I’m using the same workflow, storybook to work on parts of a larger babylon project in isolation. It’s pretty nice workflow I can just agree on this :slight_smile:

I like storybook for dev as well and communicating how different babylon bits are integrated. I put all the demos on storybook:
Babylon Basic - Animations ⋅ Storybook (

Cool how you use it like typical web assets.

I’ve actually started move it all to demos that can be opened in codesandbox to make the demos easier to fork and I can add documentation easier in markup, but doesn’t look like you need that functionality…

LOVE the idea of using Storybook as a game dev tool, @jelster I think you’ll like this too

Ooo! This does look neat! Definitely bookmarking - thanks for the heads up!

seems limited

I’m curious to understand by what you mean by “limited”? :slight_smile: It’s a word with many diverse meanings so it’s nice to be clear to what you have in mind