backFaceCulling false with waterMaterial

Hi @julien-moreau,

I noticed a problem with water.backFaceCulling :
We do not see the textures under the other side of the water. Should not we be able to see "back face " the same thing. There we see only the color of the canvas.

Hi @Dad72 and @julien-moreau

I saw in waterMaterial sphere bottom view than @julien-moreau inserted “clip plane disable option” to waterMaterial and I think that is what you and me are looking for, but how to do it?

I am not sure if I understood your question properly. But If you set backFaceCulling to true in line 30 than backFace will be invisible and you will see the sky and the tree.

Also you can probably play around with some post processing and particles to achieve some interesting underwater look.

Something like this. It’s not very good but it shows how you can play with some things to try to achieve that look.

This could be expanded with some bubbles with particles and animated fishes and so on.

If you set BackFaceCulling to false, which is the case in my PG, you had to see the texture on both sides. But this is not the case.

We had to see both sides of the water (above and below)

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Got it working! PR coming soon

PR here! Fixed VolumetricLightScattering post-process to use a custom vertex s… by julien-moreau · Pull Request #6640 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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Thanks for help!

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Thank you Julien


Thank you so much too!!!