(Background) layer not displayed

After having managed for long time a custom background layer, manually (as a textured mesh), I decided to go for a more elegant solution: the scene Layer as offered by Babylon. Assuming the scene exists, I am using some standard
new BABYLON.Layer(’’,‘https://i.imgur.com/mBBxGJH.jpg’, scene, true);
It works perfectly in PG examples…, but NOT in my case of a more involved scene.
I have tried several ways to overcome the problem but without any success!
What could prevent the layer to show up?
Many thanks for any help!

Very hard to tell without a repro, all the more if it works in a simple PG…

We would need at least a live link to be able to dig into it a bit more.

Thank you so much for reacting. I perfectly understand that on cannot find an answer to my question with so little information (I was only hoping that somebody would have been able to warn me about something I could have missed… even if in the case of a Layer entity, things are relatively simple and then it is difficult to figure out what could be missed!
Nevertheless, thank you for the idea of sending a link. I have to “denude” somehow the app to make things more tractable. It will take me some time and I will come back to you ASAP.
I am really eager to have the Layer entity functional to make things easier to maintain.

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