Background removal in Image

Hi All,

I am new to Babylon. I want to accomplish background removal in Images.
Is it possible in Babylon?
We have algorithms like separation of foreground and background in image and then making background as transparent. Do we have any way where we can separate foreground and background in any image?

Frankly, I don’t quite understand what you mean. Can you explain this with the help of a playground?

Basically, I am doing POC for remove background in an image.
I couldn’t find any supporting article for the same in Babylon’s doc.
Will it be accomplished with Babylon?

Hi and welcome to BJS,
I believe not. I believe POC goes for ‘proof of concept’, right? Like you are currently investigating whether you could treat your images with masks straight in BJS to remove the background, correct? Never saw that and BJS is not really an image editor tool. There are a number of helpers and solutions including node materials and shaders but as for creating masks on images beyond the simple selection of pixels (like an all green or all black background), I’m not sure (I rather think not but I may be wrong).

If you want to do image processing with Babylon, it has nice GPU features for this - Image Filter Control | Babylon.js Documentation
Then you can integrate some shader to do the work, as example - Shader - Shadertoy BETA

Nice indeed. :smiley: But do you believe you can create a convincing mask with this (similar to what can be achieved with PSD or AE)? In any case, I’m always amazed to see all what’s already in this framework. Hard to follow with everything. Have a great day,

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