Basic Camera class without controller only controllable via code

Hello, is there a camera class that act as a basic camera?

i.e. a camera that does not come with pre-built input controllers but rather is only controllable via code just like a Mesh object?

This is the base camera It comes with the warning

Instantiates a new camera object. This should not be used directly but through the inherited cameras.

You could use this to build a new type of camera.

You might want to read

You also could for instance remove any input classes in the input manager of any camera.
So you could use the alpha, beta and radius of the ArcRotateCamera for example without having it controlled by mouse.

Another idea (that would be way easier) would be to create the camera and simply not attach the input to the canvas.
Just don’t use the line

camera.attachControl(canvas, true);

In this case the camera has inputs but they are not connected to the browser events for input.