Battle Royale ( BETA ) MOBA style


I finally was able to get this online. I started working on this back in Summer, even did the Use the Xml Loader - Babylon.js Documentation for the project ( Every GUI in the game is with the XML loader ). Then life got in the way, more frequently than I would have hoped for and made me just drag this along until now.

Thankfully I was able to get the first version out. It’s not perfect by any means, definitely needs more work and time than what I can provide for it but so far so good. The server is very slow so it’s not the fastest experience you will ever get but for this stage it is fine.

A little bit about the game, this is a battle royale MOBA style game. You choose one of the available heroes and enter the game. Each hero has a default weapon when joining. They can pick up more weapons and skills along the way by opening loot chests. Chests spawn frequently at different parts of the map every circle shrink.

There are 4 types of heroes, warriors, mages, rogues, and hunters. Mages and Hunters are long-range, warriors and are Rogues are short-range. Each kill provides score/coins with which you can buy more heroes. More maps and heroes will follow ( hopefully ).

You can try it out here I would love to get some feedback. Btw, most likely there will be no one else playing so if there is an empty map, that is the case :slight_smile: .

Cheers, looking forward to opinions/feedback.


I was only seeing texts :frowning:

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got in, walked around for like 5 mins and found nothing to do.

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Seems cool, I definitely like the Runescape-like artstyle, but I’m not sure how to play this. Starting a match just drops me in an empty session

@Deltakosh there is the match section where you can choose the hero and enter the game :slight_smile: .

@Pryme8 Correct, no one else was there most likely, this is solely pvp so there are no NPC-s there. For now :slight_smile:. Theoretically, once people start playing it will be fun.

@Drigax Thanks! So same issue, no players. I will have to do some marketing for this :joy:

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i got a bit of low fps, looks cool though

Check settings, you can remove shadows and other stuff. If your PC can handle the graphics then go with the defaults. If on mobile, you can uncheck the high resolution.

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Oh yeah, much improved performance, very nice. I didn’t find any enemies or allies, but I wanted to!

How are you handling your multiplayer?

Yeah regarding enemies or allies, this is right now a battle royale. There is a cap of maximum number of players per instance but once someone goes in, everyone joining match goes in the same instance until a certain number is reached. There are no allies, you play for yourself. You have to survive basically. Multiplayer is being handled with the authoritative model using websockets.

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Ah yes the classic catch 22 of multiplayer games…not enough players to make the game worth playing. I thought I saw something in-game about AI? Are you planning on adding CPUs to atleast fill out the sessions? Also, im struggling to understand what abilities and items each character can or can’t use. I noticed that I opened a loot chest and get a fountain of items, but theyre all red…

Haha, yes, especially if the game is still being tested and was posted in a development forum yesterday :smiley: , no players to play. Will get it fixed, I will add some NPC’s along the way, probably over the next week if I find the time :slight_smile: . Yes so loot boxes do a random drop, items in red are items for different classes than yours. If the item is in white you can use/equip it. The item categories are :

1 - Consumable ( Potions, drinks, food etc )
2 - Equipable ( Swords, shields )
3 - Skills

Skills get attached to weapons so if you drop a weapon the skill is lost as well. Now skills and weapons are usually class specific while consumables right now are global. As the circle closes the items get stronger/rarer.


I am proud of the mobile experience too. Excited on BabylonNative to do a native export for Android/iOS


@Wingnut All done with XmlLoader :wink:


Due to the COVID situation, I found some time to work on this. I must say I am very happy with what I have right now.

  • Revamped UI / UX
  • Basic AI script
  • Added Spectator mode
  • Heroes balancing.
  • Reworked battle system to make the game more dynamic.
  • Added a couple more skills.

I still plan to add a chat capability and more but the main focus is polishing the in-game experience.

I just captured a show-case video. illyriaRoyale: Apr 4, 2020 3:42 PM.webm - Google Drive .


I am on a rampage :smiley: , I just added a new map :smiley: . And a new show-case video comes with it.


Hello, it seems that the server is down, cant access the game.

What are your thoughts about sharing some of the source code?

I had like to know more about how your server is setup, is it authoritative, are you using colyseus?


Fadi Bunni

Hey there,

Yes, I killed the server because my lack of time. I will get it up soon enough. I can’t share the source code but the server is authoritative. I would gladly advice you in regard to it.

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What’s the Babylon-Playground-link for this game?

Hey There,

I just restarted the server if you are still interested in trying it out.
@REX_DUNGEUR there is not Playground Link, just go to the link in the post to try the game.

Have fun!

oh sorry… :no_mouth: