Benefits of using BabylonJs after 5G will launching

Hello , i am wondering what the benefit to use babylonjs instead Unity or Unreal engine after 5G will launching ? For me it is very easy to make randon program with Unity , but the size of the final file is always big , so Babylonjs it is the best to replace Unity for this case.

But i am wondering what the benefits of using babylon after 5g will lanching ?


Have you considered using Aframe as well? Is there any specific reason you are thinking about using Babylon?

In general, your script file should be cached on the local system after the first time it’s loaded, if your using a cdn (content delivery network) if they played any other games that used unity or babylon it will reuse the cdn file…

an example, instead of hosting the babylon.js file yourself use

Beyond technical and open source differences, I’d say it will be nice to concentrate on larger content streaming with 5G with Babylon. Plus, hardware isn’t getting 20X bigger - iOS still has a 200MB app store limit and many phones have limited memory, so many other advantages to a small engine footprint. There is a time and place for both.

Hi @mixofo

5G will not fix lack of webgl 2.0 support on phones like all iPhones :slight_smile:
also as others mentioned before there are lot of hardware constrains on phones that makes use of unity / unreal webgl export very hard / impossible in some cases.

but 5G could boost streamed games systems like Stadia, or Unreal Pixel streaming, but thats depends on your setup (you can make enough profit to cover streaming costs per user for example).

but in long term it will come to your engine taste + tooling support and aims of project you are working on

Unity is not for javascript developer. It is for unity developer. It produces a black box that you cannot control on client side. It is perfectly fine if that suits your needs.

For a web developer, this is a non sense as you cannot add your own JS code on top of it