The Strange World of Unity 3D

There seems to have been a lot of very negative responses, including I gather the police being called in in California, to a proposed changes in the way people can use Unity 3D. Just type Unity into the YouTube search bar.

Does that have an impact on the Unity β†’ Babylon exporter? And could it generate more users of Babylon?

Cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

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Noticed an uptick of stars on GitHub!

Yeah it sounds like they’ve seriously and possibly irreparably damaged trust with developers (and their own staff). Godot and Unreal will likely be the big winners out of all this but no doubt that Babylon.js will see a boost too for Unity developers that were focusing on WebGL output.


I think many Unity users will migrate to Unreal, Godot, Defold and Stride Engine, instead of a WebGL framework like Babylon.js, because:

  • There is no advanced WYSIWYG editor and advanced VFX/ animation tools in Babylon.js

  • The gameplay scripts from those game engines can be compiled to secure WebAssembly binaries using Emscripten for WebGL game creation

  • The monetization in mobile, desktop and console platforms is generallymore lucrative and easier to implement than the one on the web

I believe Unity users who migrated to Babylon.js use the framework to make simple web games and 3D e-learning contents on the web.