Best practice importing external meshes

I’m using some external meshes in my scene and I’m wondering what’s the best practice for positioning and first of all scaling. Is it better to import an already scaled mesh that fit perfectly into the scene or import as it is and then scale it from babylon?

I guess having your object with the right scaling from start is best as you don’t have to set it by code afterwards. But setting the scale is really just calling .setScaling(...) so nothing major.

Thank you @Evgeni_Popov,
yes, i know that is very easy to scale objects, and i did. But i wonder if it could be any problem to manage scaled object in the scene.
Another thing i didn’t perfectly understand (sorry but i’m a newbie in 3D modeling) what are the measures units in babylonjs?. I use external program like fusion360 in which you can work with meters or imperial units. So when i import meshes created from these program are really big.
Is there a way in Babylon to specify a measure unit?

There’s no particular problems with scaling objects as long as you don’t scale negatively an axis. Also, it’s better to use uniform scaling (same value for x/y/z scale) as it’s a special case that is more performant (less instructions in shaders).

There’s no unit in Babylon, you are free to use whatever suits you. Generally, people are using 1 = 1m, but if your whole scene is very large or very small you may decide to use another convention.

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Thank you, now it’s clear. :+1: