Best way to create a menu

I use this cool dropdown control (top left) that’s supported in Babylon 4.

This guy uses html elements in babylon 3.

Which is the preferred approach? Is the HTML way deprecated?

Is the HTML way deprecated?

If possible I would avoid HTML elements especially if you plan on using your application in VR mode. VR only broadcasts the canvas.

Regarding approach to building one…

I take the approach of building an Array of objects that I can feed into my menus so that they are easy to update (such as being created from a server AJAX call).

var menuItems = Array(
id: "menuitem0",
label: "Turn Lights On",
action: function(){
// code to turn the lights on or whatever you want to do when user selects this item
id: "menuitem1",
label: "Turn Lights Off",
action: function(){
// code to turn the lights off 

// then feed it into a function
function createMenu(data){
// 1. create a transform node to hold all menu item meshes
// 2. looping through the items and placing a mesh inside main transform node
// depending on how you intend to use the menu (click, ray, dropdown, slider) the rest will be up to you but really all you need is a container (the node) and your menu items (fed by a data Array to keep things clean). 
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