Best way to store sets of multiples meshes and allow easily deployable of each group set individually

Hello. New to Babylon.JS

I’m just looking for what the community considers the best approach to what I’m trying to accomplish.

I am using a character-based approach to create an interactive website and want to “change the scene” but I believe that if I go by that approach by changing the scene it will reset my character model so I want by the press of buttons to change the multiples meshes in my scene at a time.

Is it better to load all your meshes asynchronously or group your loads by each individual group?
Then toggle the visibility on certain groups to create the illusion of different scenes? Or is there a better approach to what I’m trying to accomplish?

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! :smiley:

I think it depends a bit on what is your desired user experience/constraints. AssetsManager is a good match for your use case: Asset Manager | Babylon.js Documentation (, but you can use it in multiple ways, as you’ve said: preloading all meshes before the user needs it, or loading by demand. Preloading them would lead to a more seamless experience because the meshes would already be there when the user needs them, but it can also lead to more memory and network usage.

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Hello @IncCorp just checking in, was your question answered? :slight_smile: