Will Assets Manager keep similar loaded meshes between scenes?


Firstly, a happy new year for all of us!

I have a small question about the Assets Manager:

I’m writing a “Level” class for a basic game structure and each instance of this class has their own scene. But sometimes these scenes need the same objects, sounds, and music.

If I load a specific mesh, Eg: Tank.obj in a scene… If I load another Scene and import Tank.obj again, will It reload the file? Or the file data is kept in memory (maybe RAM or IndexedDB)?

Thanks very much by help!

By default it will rely on your browser cache so expect if the resource has been flagged as no cache by the server it should not redownload it.

If you want to rely on local database, you could enable it: Babylon.js Documentation

You could also use an Asset Container to store elements outside of a scene: Babylon.js Documentation

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@sebavan Thanks very much by your response!