Loading multiple Babylon files in VR

Hi, I am trying to load multiple Babylon files into a scene using asset manager for later use while in VR.
My approach is to try to switch between the different Babylon files (fade in/out) using my controller trigger. Assume that each Babylon file is an independent immersive environment (imported asset).
Is there a way to display (enable) every time only the tasks that I want (task1, task2 etc.,) by calling them from code using the -> assetsManager.load() function ? This function loads everything into the scene.
I couldn’t find any documentation on asset manager on how to load only selected tasks.
I tried the -> task.loadedMeshes[i].setEnabled (false) but seems not be a clean approach.
Or may be is there a better general approach for such a scenario ? Just learning…


I would recommend using asset containers for your need: Use an AssetContainer - Babylon.js Documentation

Great ! .Thanks @Deltakosh. I will have a look AssetContainer.