Best way to stream continuous data to Babylon.js?

I have a compute server that needs to stream data to a webpage using Babylon.JS. For example, I might be changing colors, moving objects, or turning them on or off based on a continuous stream of incoming data.

I’ve seen examples of streaming large models but I don’t want to pause anything. I’ve seen some examples of streaming video to a texture which does the continuous part.

Bonus points… my server is running Flask so an example of streaming continuous data from Python to a webpage with Babyblon.js would be perfect!

just make sure your callbacks in response to your data stream have scope to your scene and just set values as they come in.

Pryme8, thanks but I don’t suppose you could elaborate on that, point to some code, etc.

You have some point in your code where after you receive a data package from your stream a place to fire a function in response I would assume.

As long as the function that is parsing that data package has scope to your BJS scene or engine or any other variable you need it can modify it.

You would have to explain more your end goal if you wanted a more specific answer. What streaming data would you be feeding to babylon and what would you want it doing?