Better Tiling of textures over a large area

I am trying to follow this Blender tutorial:
to remove noticeable tiling effects with large areas like ground planes etc, but instead of the Blender Shader Editor, I’m using the Babylonjs Node Material Editor.

Here’s the snippet:

I’ve reached a stage where I can scale and rotate the individual tiles, but there’s this weird artifact surrounding each tile, that doesn’t appear in the tutorial.
It’s like a stretched-out border to each tile.

Can anyone explain and or help me solve this.


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The node material always tries to perform the calculation in the vertex shader, for better performance. But in your case, for proper rendering, you need to make the calculation happen in the fragment shader.

To do that, you can change the Target of the latest block (“Add”) connected to the Texture, which will force all the calculation to happen in the fragment shader:

Thanks, I’ve been stuck on that for a while.

Here’s the Custom Node:

Here’s the nme snippet:

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