Blankstorm Alpha 1.0.0 is out! Playtesting needed!

Alpha 1.0.0 brings a ton of changes… just see the changelog. With all the changes will come a ton of bugs. If interested, please playtest the game here. You can generate a debug log with F9 ingame and open a new issue (on the game’s github) with F8. The game does not require you to create an account or install anything. Also, you can discuss the game on the discord server.


I like how you’ve setup the support mechanisms, i.e. change log, discord, etc. for your project. Here’s to a successful Alpha.


Congratulations! This is a huge milestone! :smiley:

I have to admit I don’t quite get the controls yet, I can get to clicking on the ships, but moving them properly eludes me… :sweat_smile: Maybe some kind of “How to play” screen on the start would be nice? Like this example:


@Vortex Please do not make this change suggested by @carolhmj and by any means, DO NOT submit your potential improvements to come for your GUI for the ‘GUI Space Adventure:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: as I expect to win the contest with just a minimal effort. :grin: Thanks in advance :hugs:

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Unfortunately, the GUI used for the game is HTML/CSS, not the Babylon.JS GUI system. Good luck on the competition!