Blankstorm Infdev 11 - multiplayer (kind of) and saves!

Just released Blankstorm Infdev 11.

Check out the changelog/patch notes here and play the game here. I’ve added some multiplayer functionality to the game (only chat and commands). I plan on adding Babylon on the server in the future. If you like the game, you can support me by (no not patreon) joining the game’s discord server and making an account.

Also, github repos:

- Dr. Vortex

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I am seeing this when launching the game:

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@sebavan and @kri100s,

Sorry for the issues with the game - I did not catch this issue during development.
After some testing, I found that the error does not occur on my local copy:

Here is the test code: SceneLoader.LoadAssetContainerAsync('', 'model/corvette.gltf', game.scene()).then(container=>console.log('Loaded successfully')).catch(err=>console.log('Loading failed: ' + err.stack))

I will look into this and hopefully push out a patch later this evening (no guarantees).

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@sebavan @kri100s,

Sorry about the issue. Thankfully it was just a problem with the game using an outdated loaders version. The game should work fine now. You may need to do a Ctrl + Shift + R to clear the cache. Hope you enjoy!

Hi, I tried to play this. When starting the game (a spaceship and some planets show), it immediately tells me “You died”.

@perprerp Thats a small bug - it doesn’t affect you in game at all.

I’m confused on how you’re supposed to get the materials to get the different types of ships. And if you’re supposed to be able to go through the planets. Bye

Also i just started playing and the sun or the big white thing that you always spawn next to is now pink

I cant use the upgrades either

@Johnathan_Butterfiel Sorry for the late reply - feel free to ask future questions on the discord.

For planets: going through celestial bodies (stars and planets) is a known issue. For now I’m focusing on the mechanics. You can report the bug here

To get resources, you must destroy enemy ships. Get within 200 km to start a fight

Star colors are randomized, so the color can vary a lot.

Upgrades take materials, hover over the upgrade button to see what is requires and how much you have.

my problem is that i have enough mats its just it wont let me use the upgrade.

Also can you add a feature where if you sit inside a planet it will slowly give you like titanium, crystal, fuel and stuff.

Being inside of a planet is unintended - it will be removed. Though I do plan on adding something similar Being within a certain radius of a planet will allow you to open a menu like that of a space station, though both still need to be added.

Please join the discord for future discussion, as this form is for discussion about the game’s engine and code.

Thanks for your help

Sometimes when I die the game says “You died You died You died You died You died You died You died You died You died You died.” and then my cursor wont show and I cant move as well as the game freezes.

Please report any bugs you find here.