Blender 2.80 testing - The Start : Part2

Well the first thread kind of got off the point - so I changed the title a bit. This is my continued adventures with Blender 2.80 - designed to explore several features :

a.) Using models from older files using the “Append” functionality. Both the globe and the text were added this way. The originals were created in Blender <= v 2.76
b.) Creating materials,in particular the globe as there is no longer a Blender Render option.
c.) Continuing with animation tests - see if a rotation animation works properly.
d.) Adding a Hemi light in code, as that kind of light has been removed from Blender 2.80

Result here:

Animated Text

@JCPalmer ; no complaints from the exporter.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

Is it possible to share your test blends? So as to take a look about new way of tweaking a Blender scene for .babylon files.

You should probably be looking at the reprinted in the original topic for testing ideas. It has been edited many times.

In the changes is:
Hemi light type is no longer supported. To get a BJS hemi light use area type, & specify Size X for range. So you can still export a Hemi. Probably important to log the BJS type of light in the log file, not the Blender type. I have that on my list of to do’s.

I am pretty worried about how late in the dev cycle I noticed lights were so different. Probably not a good idea to File->Append lights. Keep to meshes, which will also drag materials (probably worthless) but the textures also come across too. This makes creating a Nodes material easier.