Blender Testing 2.80 - The Man from Mar-a-Lago

The Man From Mar-a-Lago : Blender 2.80

Version to fix issue that @Vinc3r pointed out:

The Man From Mar-a-Lago : Blender 2.80

This was created with MakeHuman, but as I’m unsure of the state of the MakeHuman importer for Blender 2.80, I used the “Append” method for loading meshes into Blender 2.80. All I had to do was to append all the meshes(6) in one go and it brought in the skeleton (with IK bones) and the animation which I created in Blender 2.76. I also had to load the textures to modify the Materials in 2.8.

Took less than a few minutes. Not happy with the suit at the shoulders and pockets - but it is a community donated mesh at MakeHuman

I added a sound file in the script.

Hope no one gets offended by the content.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


Trumpelstoogkin! Spins gold into bison shit. :slight_smile:

Nice scene, Gryff! You’re a God of workflow. It was nice that the 2.80 Append trick… did so much work for you.

Did this test some of Jeff’s newest exporting magic, too? (Yay, @JCPalmer)

Gonna try another layer/collection of mesh, perhaps some background objects for Trumpty Dumpty (sat on a wall)? See how the exporter is doing with the new “collections”?

Exported collections (formerly known as layers) are probably “hotwired” to layers… in the exporter. (like I have a clue)

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By playing with mouse wheel I notice the pretty hairs disappears. I had report a similar issue on github, you may fix this bounding box detection using mySkinnedMesh.getBoundingInfo().scale(2);

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@Vinc3r: TY Vinc. I had to fix the tie and the skin mesh too, and use a scale value of 4.

Fixed version:

The Man From Mar-a-Lago : Blender 2.80

I ran across this issue a while back - had a desk top vanishing!

Is it due to the kneeling animation? And what is the impact on how the meshes behave in a scene?

If you find anything else - please let me know… It was really a test of using Blender 2.80’s “Append” tool and not … er … my coding skills

@Wingnut: Well as for workflow, there are a lot of blend files out there that people can use - eg. Blendswap - but many are made with much older versions of Blender. It would be a shame to waste them - so the “Append” tool might help.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

There are number of issues with MakeHuman for Blender 2.80. You have chosen the way which is using Blender 2.79 to the largest extent.

I do not believe the MHX2 Plugin is been updated for Blender 2.80. The new Blender plugin for MakeHuman, mostly works, but it is reliant on MakeHuman 1.1.2-alpha to sync data to create the meshes. This version of MH has been updated to use a modern version of Python, but has opengl problems with some systems.

A little bit of a mine field when everything is changing all at the same time.

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Don’t worry, it’s nothing due to your coding skills :slight_smile:

@Deltakosh explained the process in this comment: some materials on a glTf mesh animated through bones are randomly rendered or not · Issue #4651 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

I’m agree it’s not an easy point to guess as designer, and it’s probably a thing to put into the doc somewhere.