Blender export gltf file.What are the effects of these parameters have on the results?

Hi all.I don’t know much about models and blender ,i want to know how to set compression parameter ,when i use blender export a gltf file .
because my model doesn’t displayed texture, when i use compression.
It can be displayed normally, when i not use compression.

It seems that you just don’t need to use compression (most of GLTF files in the world are still made without it and are fine).
If there would be more information, like file itself and the code which you use to display it, we could investigate more why your compression doesn’t work (does it work in Sandbox, by the way?)

sorry.I forgot to provide it , there is my model ,the file is too big, only part of it is provided: (3.9 MB) (3.4 MB)

these is results in sandbox what i got.
after compression:

before compression: