I am trying to use GLTF2Export.GLBAsync to export my model
the original model size is 300kb i am loading the model twice and i am exporting it using GLTF2Export.GLBAsync the downloaded model is 47mgb

(the loaded model is not draco compressed)


GLBAsync exports everything on the scene unless you specify otherwise in the options, so the export might be taking more than the two models? I’m not sure if there might be other types of compression other than draco applied on your GLTF file that we aren’t applying on export? cc @bghgary

Incidentally, I seem to remember that all images are exported in .png format, whatever the original format (?).

It could be a lot of things. Our exporter doesn’t do some optimizations that can cause the model to get bigger. Is there any way you can send us the model so we can review?