Blender gltf one mesh export babylonjs array

export in blender a single mesh character but in babylon when loading it is separated into primitives how to solve this?

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Hey @NeoAngel - Can you give us a little more information to help?

You’re exporting to gltf correct? What exporter are you using? The one that’s built into Blender 2.8+?

Also - any way you can point us to the blender file to help investigate?

if i use blender exporter 2.8 …

the matter is in blender I have a single mesh … but in gltf it appears divided into 13

Tough to know without seeing the file, but from the image it looks like your Blender setup has distinct vertex groups? I wonder if that might be messing up the export?

After you export to glTF, if you re-import the glTF file, does it come in broken apart, or does it display correctly as one mesh?

importing into belnder keeps a mesh

Ok, bringing in @bghgary to add some expertise on the Babylon glTF load component.

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The glTF loader in Babylon loads each glTF primitive as separate meshes. This is due to glTF primitives not mapping directly with Babylon meshes. They are all under one main node though. @NeoAngel Is there a specific issue you have other than multiple meshes? Everything should still work and render properly.

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no other problem thanks for the answer … but then how should I move the character joining the meshes or calling the main node what would it be?

I’m not sure I understand your question. If you can move the Babylon transformNode/mesh corresponding to the bone, it will also move the bone since they are linked. Is that what you mean or do you mean move the whole skeleton? Or something else? If you provide a playground with what you are trying to do, it might be easier to help :slight_smile:

that but moving the character with wasd ._.

I in no way support this exporter, but I have a guess that your character has 13 materials. The .babylon / JSON exporter will make a multi-material, so you would get one mesh. I am not sure what this exporter does, but I doubt it cares about vertex groups.

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Sorry, I’m not sure what I’m looking at in this playground. What is the character?