Exporting character animation - Maya to Babylon (gltf)

I’m trying to export a Maya 2018 Character Animation I created to a .gltf

Problem: The character mesh exports with materials applied (great)
The mesh is skin weighted… but when exported has no animation applied.
Although the eyes do move as they’re parented to eye joints attached to the in the head joint… but the character mesh is static.

I am exporting using the Babylon Maya export tool.

I have 2 x animation on my time line.
It is a custom rigged character ( not Mixamo)

I have tried baking out the animation as well… still no luck.

Note: I just tried exporting a Maya character I built that uses Maya’s "Human IK " rig and it works fine… although blend shapes don’t… I have several facial blends. I bake the animation out first.
here’s the link to my Character Test

any thoughts ?

Pinging @Drigax

Hi @mickmech

Thanks for reporting this. It does look like your link shows working skeletal animations, but I know that our 3dsMax exporter currently has some issues with exporting BlendShape animation tracks, I’ll have to audit the Maya exporter as well next week, I’m guessing that we may be missing something there as well.

To help me out, a few questions:

  1. Do you have an example .maya scene that I can use to test with?
  2. Are the morph targets or morph weight animations included in your exported .gltf?

@Drigax Here’s the .maya file with a blend shape attatched… for testing purposes


I included the blendshapes in the export to .gltf
note: I originally had several blendshapes but the MAya Babylon export plugin showed errors stating it only accepts one blend shape.

Now I have a mo-cap file running the animation… exports fine to .gltf and is visible in the Babylon viewer but not loading to my web site. " error loading the model " which is strange as itsthe same model , same pbr textures… just adding a baked animation.