Blender to Babylon Exporter material problems

Hi, i have a problem with my exported babylon file. the name of the material is incorrect and a checkerboard texture will be included as well.

I use blender 2.8 and have tried it with the babylon exporter 6.2.2 and 6.2.3.

I have 3 Materials in the scene 1, 2,and 3. und 5 meshes. Each mesh has up to 3 materials. There are no other materials in the scene.

Many thanks for your help.

Ping @JCPalmer our own blender exporter king to the rescue :slight_smile:

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The fact that your material says baked, means that you are including blender nodes which have no direct translation to BJS’s PBR material. First, give a screen shot of your materials which are baked. Changing them over to Principled shader, will probably fix. Something as simple as solid colors should be not to big a deal.

Also, while the exporter attempts to bake materials, another reason to avoid them in production code shows in your very example. Baked materials cannot be shared across meshes. If you have a material that in Blender that has no direct translation on 3 meshes, then it will have to baked 3 times. This is not scalable on the BJS side either.

Also, there is a log file generated. I kind of require it be posted.

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Hi, thank you for your answer.

I have now changed the materials to bsdf. He takes my 3 materials but still others are created.

Now it looks like this.

Looks good. Now you see a lot of registered as also a user of Material: x messages in the log. So they are being re-used. Not sure what those _baked things are. They are not in the log file. If you opened up the .babylon in Word or NotePad, does a find of _baked get a hit?

hello, in the file it is in there.

I also tried it again with blender default cube. 2 materials placed on it, a smart uv project and the faces triangulated. No more. Then exported. Here too, the first material is renamed to _baked. Blender 2.8 (.75) and the babylon exporter 2.2.3

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I have the same problem and rely on on the material name. The first one is always “baked”. I have then to rename it in the file itself. Is this solved?

The current version is 6.4.3. I am pretty sure that is fixed in my own .js exporter. Are you running this version of the .babylon exporter?

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Ah, sorry. I sometimes change the work station and this time has an older version. Sorry for this :slight_smile:

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