Blender to Babylon(glb) scale so random model's dimension == default babylon cube?

What is the correct scale conversion if I’m exporting a blender model to glb so said model can have the same dimensions as a 1,1,1 cube created using the Meshbuilder ?

I have many models that I want to scale in blender so they match the default cube’s dimension.

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Hey @HappyDev,

Babylon’s world is in meters, so a unit of 1 is 1 meter.

You’ll want to make sure that Blender’s units is also set to meters if you want it to be 1:1. Otherwise you’ll have to do the scale conversion based on whatever you have set in Blender.

Here’s how you set the units in Blender:

Select the scene properties panel.

Then you can set the unit measurements accordingly. Here’s what I use to have a 1:1 representation in Babylon:

Unit Scale and Length are the things you’ll want to take into account.

Hope this helps!


Well technically Babylon.js has no unit at all. It uses whatever you define. If 1 means 1 meter then it is a meter. If 1 means 1 miles then it is a miles. It is up to the dev to define the reference