Units in babylon.js. size and distance compatibility

If I understand that, Babylon.js does not use specific units, such as inches or meters … Ok, but if that is, then how to make sure that any “box” displayed in 3ds max with meter settings is as large as after loading into babylon.js (on the same computer, same camera…)? And the same applies, of course, to the placement of an object. I think about the same position as in 3ds max. How to do it? Thanks.

I never managed to get the right scale in 3ds max and Babylon. I always find myself having to rescale up in Babylon because the objects are too large.

This is an interesting question. Maybe Babylon should be able to define this that its units of measurement represent 1.0 (is it meters, centimeters, millimeters, kilometers …)

Because in 3ds max my unit is in meters. But once import into Babylon, it represents, 10 meters or 100 meters. ( I model in millimeters, it’s too small in 3ds max. Or I do not know how to configure it correctly in 3ds max, because I have the impression that 1 units in 3ds max, is not equal to 1 units in babylon.

Basically that I define a unit of measurement in 3ds max, Babylon does not take it into account, it takes that as units (or if we want 1 meters and that our unit in 3ds max is in millimeter, we go 100 millimeters and Babylon will take 100 units (either 1000 meters or 100 centimeters)

Basically, the units converted to 3ds max, it does not matter, because Babylon does not take it into account and it is a problem I think.

Anyway, I never understood how it works.

This is correct. We simply reuse what you have in your file :slight_smile: There is nothing else to understand.

If you set your scene with meters then 1 unit in bjs is 1 meter :slight_smile: Just make sure to setup your camera accordingly