Bomberman clone (challenge)

Hey everyone!

I’ve started a little challenge with 2 of my coworkers. We all try to create a multiplayer bomberman clone.
The fun part is - with different engines.

One using Unity, the other one UE 5 and I’ll try it with BabylonJS.
As some of you may know, this is not my first project and that’s why the start went pretty fast.

First thing I did was to create the battlefield on the fly using parameters for rows and columns. Then every n-th field was solid (indestructible). After that i looped over the battlefield and randomly added destructible elements (which worked on later).

Then I’ve added a sphere (+ light source) for a player dummy and the controls (wasd/arrows)

2022-07-18 18.24.22

Later on I played around with the material types. First I wanted to use PBR but later on I thought maybe playing around with dynamic/moving light sources the game would look better. So I switched to StandardMaterial and pixelart-assets.

The explosion is kinda funny. I’ve created a method to use one texture on a plane and define columns/rows and the amount of animation steps to use it as a spritesheet. The first try was with pixelart-spirtesheets

The next part took some time - I’ve created a Node-server for joining sessions and communication between input → server → broadcast positions to clients. The blue player is the mirrored input from the red player. I did this to check if there are any delays.

Then I played around with the explosion sprites, the explosion radius of bombs and chaining explosions… also - minions.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you updated!


oh and the captured gifs are not as fluid/smooth as it is live :smiley:

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Well, if so, let us just experience the real thing :grinning: Can’t wait to try this :smiley:
Oh and, as a side note, there’s no way you can let your buddies attempting some clumsy copy using unity or unreal win this contest. I hope I made myself clear here, soldier :military_helmet: :wink:

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I know the struggle :rofl: But even through the gifs I can see it is already looking very nice! Can’t wait to see more of it :star_struck:


I haven’t used it in production but I have tried it locally and Croquet OS - The OS for the Metaverse looks and feels really impressive. Low latency, nice libraries, responsive team on their slack channel if you get stuck.

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Thank you for the hint. I think I’ll try it by myself since I want to get experience in the things that are mandatory for controls and multiplayer communication and the necessary parts for the specific game. Such as generating the battle field and handling powerups, expolosions and so on. It’s challenging and that’s what I like :smiley:

It’s really tough for me to stay focused on the API and controls because I’m more of a frontend/graphical guy and it’s more important to me that explosions and effects look great :see_no_evil: … I’m so easily distracted

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