Wall Game - Tech Demo

I have a lot of client projects upcoming that will include things I’ve tried to achieve in this demo project.
To be ready for the stuff that will happen I thought about something that makes fun for a short amount of time.

I guess a lot of you guys are familiar with the tv show “the wall”. Here’s my adaptation of the mechanics.

This will not be the final version. I’ll update it every know and then.


Things I’ve learned

  • upgrading skills in Blender. Now I know how to bake textures :smiley:
  • writing text with DynamicTexture
  • sound-modifications (pizzicato is amazing!)
  • what smooth camera movements can do for your eyes
  • physics and it’s pros and cons
  • planned to add nodeMaterials, but it came along quite well without. maybe I’ll update the outer rings with nodeMaterial-animations.
  • working with matcap reflections
  • music loops with GarageBand :smiley:

I hope to get feedback for improvements. What I plan to do with this is a local multiplayer adaptation. We have a huge touch-screen in our office. Guess that’ll be fun!

Cheers and - as always - thanks to the BabylonJS team for their amazing tools!


Simple, nice and fun (even if it looks like there isn’t any game over :smiley: ).

About texture baking in Blender, I greatly recommend Baketool addon, which ease the workflow a lot.

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Thanks for sharing the addon link!

Yep - there is no game-over. Just play around!

This is really good

Adding @PirateJC

My high score: image

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@Robin_McLaut super fun!

Can we add this to the community page?

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Absolutely yes :slight_smile:

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Now has (local) multiplayer :smiley:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-19 um 20.10.58
Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-19 um 20.11.04

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Fantastic start. Love it. Visuals on point. FYI: Game Sound Design even more important than visuals in short looping games with predictable outcomes. For longer game engagement, excitement and entertainment that can achieve soft game addiction, go for longer loops at lower frequency during game play. Losing at high frequency short loops contributes to quick game abandonment. Sync music for Losing at low frequency. Sync Music for Winning at High Frequency… just like in real life… “And the Winner is”: (High Frequency Loop)… “And the Loser is” (Low Frequency flat sound quick fade to silence). Reactive Sound is the most overlooked aspect of addictive game engagement. The most memorable aspect of result oriented game play is reactive sound. Invest in that and gamers will be singing your game even after they are over… in the loud silence of the mind. The best games are therefore MIND GAMES… the games that linger in your mind even after they are over. Great Game Sound Design is what makes that happen. Great Movies, Great Sound Tracks. Games are Interactive Movies.

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Thanks a lot for your comment.
I think I get your point about the high/low frequency. I wanted to add music to this game and added a quick loop as an ambient base to create a hyped mood - I tried to avoid a certain feeling that something is missing. So I’ve searched for samples that aren’t boring or irritate too much.

And yes, I love reactive sound and saw a use of this in a few other projects over the past year. I wanted to know how to achieve this and use it in this game.

And I have a perfect example of a game I recently played about the perfect game music and it’s amazingly reactive as well: Ori and the will of the wisps. I even listen to the soundtrack on spotify every now and then.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and tips!

That’s an excellent idea. I’ll try this :slight_smile:

And an extra switch for music will be a great addition.

Thank you!

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Very Good Sound Design Suggestions.!!!.. Good timely sound or music allows game players to “hear” with their eyes and “see” their ears, so even in near silence that bumping sound makes one pay more visual attention to the scene in a more dramatic way.

Just super that you are already exploring this. It shows that you are on the right track by looking at a variety of ways reactive sound can be implemented. In visually cluttered game rooms, it is the game with those rich reactive sounds that trigger the Adrenalin in players. Looking forward to seeing how your game progresses. Good Games never end, they just keep sounding better… especially that winning sound.

can’t find it :frowning:

Sorry for the delay! Just pushed it to the site. Should be live in a couple of minutes!