Bone rest pose and how it effects animations

So if I had two bones, both with the same animation but different rest poses how does that affect the animation?

Then in addition, what is the best way to find the difference between those two poses and modify one of them accordingly to make it match the other bones movements.

If someone can help me get this bone animation playing, I can mock up what I am talking about… but I am kinda stumped why its not playing.

@JCPalmer didn’t you do some animation retargeting at one point? Can I get some advice from you on some things?

Actually might have found what I need:

Not too familiar with how animations work with self-created skeletons and bones, but it doesn’t seem like the animation is looping. Added a SkeletonViewier and some debug console.logs:

scene.beginAnimation(bone2, 0, 30, true, 1, () => {
}, undefined, undefined, undefined, () => {

The console.logs are not appearing repeatedly in the console.

Got the animation part, now I can prolly come up with a example of what I am talking about.

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Got it!

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