Bone , skeleton animation , armature , blender export

I have attached a blender 2.8 scene file with some simple bone/armature animation on a cube + .glb file + some code I am using. I see the animation working nicely in the babylon sandbox ( but cannot figure out what code I should be using … everything I am doing is attached in the zip file, if anyone could help I would be eternally grateful. (145.9 KB)

Deltakosh has given this link as an example for how the playground handles animations but I do not see anything in the code that will help me to play a skeleton animation in my own scene file. Any other suggestions or links?

I figured it out.
To play skeleton animations exported from blender take a look here -

Or just use this code below to import your glb or gltf file and then play a skeleton/bone/armature animation.
// import glb
var exampleGLB = BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append(
function(scene) {
// Play animation

I love babylon sometimes … this is so simple and freaking awesome!

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