Borders in grid (building a table)

Hi guys! Sorry to address this simple question, but I have not found an adequate way to solve this problem. You need to draw a regular table, from two columns a picture and a description. It’s unfortunate that there is no way (or I looked like that) to add borders to the grid container, tried to add rectangles there,
if we allow the left and right borders of two rectangles intersect, then the border disappears, and I can not create an adequate (with borders) row of the table

Hello maybe you could create a PG so we can hack it together?

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It remains to understand why there is such a large distance between the lines, and why when I try to add grid to scrollViewer, the scrollbar does not appear.
I will understand further, thanks for the response. Maybe someone will find my code useful)
How - for me it would be much more convenient if in grid you could just set the thikness parameter and that’s it

Maybe you are interested to do a PR? (or maybe @JohnK or @Evgeni_Popov?)

I’m definitely ok for the feature :smiley:

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An interesting suggestion, if no one will do this, then in my free time I will need to study the container grid and understand how this parameter can be implemented))

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Please go ahead:D

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