BoundingBox does not update after transforming mesh


need help with why the bounding box info of a mesh that I scaled (but also when moved) does not change/update.
I just need the first vector of boundingBox.

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It works in 4.2.1 so I suggest you to report this as a bug.

R. :vulcan_salute:

It doesn’t work for me in 4.2.1 either? :open_mouth:

This is spooky :smiley: :ghost:
Give me a minute, it seems to be browser or platform specific, will do a few tests…

@Regit I overlooked it sorry :smiley: My bad…

The world vectors are updating, but the locals are not. I believe, by scaling the mesh the boundigBox should scale as well, however if you call boundingInfo.scale(number) it updates.

@sebavan Can you confirm whether it should automatically update the local vectors when scaling or not? Thanks!

Let me ping him again @sebavan
This seems like a bug to me

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It should NOT. The local vectors are, well, locals :wink: Which mean they are BEFORE the world transform. They only change if you change the inner geometry.

What you are looking for is vectorsWorld:
bounding info not updating | Babylon.js Playground (